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Back Porch Update

I’m currently writing from my new favorite spot at our almost century old abode–the back porch. Porches are great, aren’t they? Joy Williams knew what she was talking about in her tender and nostalgic Front Porch. I saw her in an intimate venue last summer and recorded a shaky video of her performing the song. I played the video over and over, just to listen to it before the album dropped. Now that’s a compelling tune.

Anyways…we started our bathroom demo today and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the destruction in progress. Josh loves that stuff. Me, on the other hand, I’m much better at the creation (or recreation) than I am at the getting to that point. He’s been so impressive lately drawing out solutions, and putting them into reality. I guess that’s an engineer for ya.

So, who wants to see this back porch update? Most of the elements added lived inside previously, and found their way into the new vision.


New purchases include the jute rug, striped cushions, and wicker baskets for the pupper toys: all from At Home.

Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 5.50.49 PM

Here are those beautiful, high contrast cushions.

And their astonishingly vast selection of jute rugs.

I’m really happy with the update, especially with how little was actually purchased to bring the space to life. I’m not going to lie, it took having a near panic attack trying to help demo inside to realize, you know what, I’m not helping…and I’m much better utilizing my skills in some place different. AND THAT IS OKAY. Some of the most beautiful of realizations come from places of struggle. I encourage you to find things that heal you this week, and let others do the same for themselves. My healing is manifesting in creativity…surprise, surprise.

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